Janak Raj Pawa


Mr Janak Raj Pawa moved to Singapore from India in 1948. Upon arrival, he worked in various positions and companies before setting Pawa Brothers Trading in 1975 for the trading of textiles and sundry items. At the golden age of 90, Mr Janak Raj continues to be at the heart of the Group’s business ventures and interests.

Mr Avnesh Kumar Pawa


Mr Avnesh manages the entire portfolio of the Group, in particular overseeing the financial management of the Group. Together with brother Pardeep Kumar, Avnesh was responsible for the shift of the trading operations to Electronics which became a cornerstone of the Group’s growth. Avnesh previously served on the Board for the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Pardeep Kumar Pawa


Mr Pardeep drives the sales and logistics operations of the Group. Together with Mr Avnesh, Pardeep has built the Group and Company through establishing and managing rewarding partnerships with branded electronic principals such as Sony and Panasonic.

Mr Nitin Pawa


Mr Nitin joined the Group in 2002 and has expanded the Group’s operations in all of its ventures. Nitin has overseen the Company’s expansion into new markets such as UAE and is primarily responsible for the Company’s commodity trading business to Africa. He has also overseen the growth of the real estate investment portfolio of Pawa Holdings.

Mr Nitin holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bentley University (Boston) and is a recent graduate from the Executive MBA Program of NUS & UCLA School of Business.

Mr Kunal Pawa

Business Development

Mr Kunal joined the Group in 2011 and has been involved in the recent diversification of the Group with the development of L Hotels & Resorts and was the founder of the Group’s Coworking space, Workhouse. At present, Kunal is managing the Company’s financial operations and investment portfolios.

Mr Kunal holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.