The Pawa family’s first enterprise in Singapore was Pawa Brothers Trading Pte Ltd. Registered in 1975, the Company was primarily engaged in the trading of textiles and other sundry items. In the early 80’s the Company diversified its trading portfolio to include consumer electronics items. Fuelled by the growing demand for these products, especially from emerging markets such as India, the Company gained a significant position in the export market of consumer electronics.

As the Company’s reputation grew, it earned exclusive distribution partnerships with the leading global brands for consumer electronics, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Pioneer, Philips and Kenwood. Dealing in a range of products including televisions, cameras, home appliances, car audio systems and professional cameras and equipment, the Company was able to expand its customer base in existing markets such as India and Sri Lanka and new markets including UAE, Bangladesh and Turkey.

Till today, Pawa Brothers Trading Pte Ltd retains the trusted partnership of the multinational principals and has assuredly established itself as one of the leading exporters of Consumer Electronics from Singapore. More recently, the Company has diversified its trading operations to include commodity products and has quickly built strong trading lines of these commodities into emerging markets such as India and Madagascar.

With the success of the trading company, the Pawa Group has managed to expand and diversify its business interests both within and out of Singapore. Pawa Capital Ltd was set up as an investment company in 2011 to enter into a joint venture for the development of hotels and resorts in Indonesia. The flagship property, L Hotel Seminyak is a boutique hotel in Bali and part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). Pawa Holdings Pte Ltd, another investment holding company, focuses on a portfolio of properties and real estate in Singapore, and is also the parent company of Workhouse, a brand of co-working spaces in Singapore.

With a strong trading foundation and a diversified business portfolio, the Group is poised to expand its business and reach. The Group continues to see growth in Singapore and in emerging markets, and is looking for more opportunities with particular interest in Real Estate, Food & Beverage and technology.