About Us

The Pawa Group has been in business for 40 years, established by Mr Janak Raj Pawa in Singapore. With core values of Respect and Integrity, the family-run Group has established itself as a regional specialist in the trading and distribution of consumer electronics and commodities.


The Pawa Group is driven by the below values towards its stakeholders: its employees, suppliers, customers and directors.

Respect & Integrity

To conduct our business with professionalism and commitment towards our stakeholders.


To build a culture of trust, inclusiveness and transparency with stakeholders.

Social Responsibility

To allow social responsibility to guide our business decisions and actions.


To build a diversified regional enterprise with focus on Trading, Real Estate and Technology.


To be a leader in emerging market developments through trading and distribution of electronics and commodities, real estate development and technological improvements while prioritizing Respect & Integrity, Family and Social Responsibility.